Welcome to the Track Club of the Future!

History of the Quick Striders

Quick Striders Track Club originated in June 1967 under the leadership of Mr. Richard C. Kerns, President, and Mr. Samuel Kennedy, Vice-President. Quick Striders student-athlete participates in the USA Track & Field Junior Olympics all over the country every year. 


Quick Striders gives a meaningful experience in the sport of athletics consisting of approximately seventy-five or more boys and girls begining at the age of 7 yrs. old thru 18 yrs. old. Our emphasis has always been on the student-athlete, underscoring the basic fact that without academic achievement the athlete does not have an arena in which to perform.


Quick Striders Track Club Goals and Objectives:

  • To Teach sound track and field techniques

  • To allow youngsters to participate regardless of their abilities

  • To strengthen young people's self-image through competition

  • To have a meaningful impact in the process of training future leaders through the development of disciplined minds and bodies

  • TO HAVE FUN !!!

Our Focus:


​  Most of the team members are from single parent homes, under-achievers, or in imminent danger of slipping through the cracks at schools and other institutions. We try to develop the potentials they already possess as well as changing their attitudes since attitude plays a big part in today's society.

We also place emphasis on High achievement and character building. We aim to teach the children that if they don't get the necessary skills early on, they will only end up hurting themselves.


The Quick Striders Track Club aims to achieve these goals through youth sports: 


  1. To develop self confidence and self respect in each young adult by helping him or her to have an appreciation of their worth as an individual.

  2. To provide significant adult role models for youth and to demonstrate a quality of leadership which youth will want to follow.

  3. To develope capacities for leadership among youth themselves and encourage them to use these capacities responsibliy.

  4. To encourage an understanding by each young person that he or she is important to the  overall group.

  5. To increase the physical fitness of every child and to expand related skills according to each child's individual ability.



The Track Seasons


Fall/Winter Indoor Track Season

This season begins around Mid-November each year. We begin with basic conditioning, strength and technique as our initial emphasis. All of our older (high school age) athletes are encouraged to participate in this training, as to have a good fitness level entering their high school seasons. This training period also provides an opportunity for our athletes to participate in Indoor Track and Field.


Spring/Summer Season


Our competition season begins in late May and ends in late July. Quick Striders Competes in the USATF youth series as well as several other invitational events. New athletes may join at any time during the season, however, many of our meets are run on a qualify and advance format. Performance levels may be determined by the length of time athletes have been training and quality of such training, It is urged that athletes come out as early as they can.




From November to March, practices are held on Sundays @ 4pm.
June begins five days a week practice and continues until the end of the season in late July. All athletes MUST attend your school practices as they are scheduled. If you are missing your high school practices without the permission of your school coach you will not be allowed to practice with us.




Quick Striders consist of boys and girls between the ages of 8 - 18 years old. In order to become a member of the club, you must keep a good grade point average and conduct yourself properly in school.

* During the course of the year, the coaches will go to the schools to check on your academic performance. Should the student need additional help in any subject, we will find tutors to help them.


If you are interested in joining Quick Striders Track Club, please contact Coach Richard Kerns(864) 288-3594



To learn more about USA Track and Field follow the link below:




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